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What is Modified Comparative Fault?

Car Injury Lawyer Granbury Texas

If you’re hurt by someone else in an accident, you deserve to be compensated for your injury. It's an unwelcome surprise to have an insurance adjuster tell you they’re willing to pay for only 80% of your loss instead of 100%. The insurance company is allowed to make this type of offer because of the modified comparative fault law in Texas. What is modified comparative fault, or comparative negligence? In Texas, the amount you receive in a settlement can be reduced by up to 50% if your negligence contributed to the loss. For instance, if someone who ran a stop sign...

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Questions to ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Worth

When you’re looking to choose the best personal injury attorney in Fort Worth for your case, it can often feel like an interview process. You sit down with a few different attorneys, ask them questions, then at the end of the process, you choose the attorney you believe will be helpful for your case. Of course, the process can be daunting, but it’s often a necessary one. How else are you going to know that the car wreck lawyer you choose for your personal injury case will represent your situation as best as they can? You need to know all the...

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5 Things To Watch For When Choosing Your Auto Injury Attorney

Car Accident Lawyer Fort Worth

If you find yourself in need of a Fort Worth auto injury attorney, then there’s no time like the present to start your search. While there are bound to be options aplenty when it comes to someone capable of handling your case, it’s crucial to take your time to avoid selecting the wrong one. Rather than pick the first personal injury lawyer you come across, why not do your research and opt for the best? Here are five things to watch out for when choosing a personal injury attorney to represent your case.   1. Their Fee Structure Just like different professional services around...

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5 Reasons You Need a Texas Injury Attorney After A Car Accident

Car Accident Call Injury Lawyer

In 2016 alone, close to 70,000 people found themselves in auto accidents on Texas roads. What’s more, 3,000 people lose their lives in road accidents in Texas every year. Given the all-too-regular occurrence of car crashes, it’s hard to believe that not everyone who finds themselves in that situation begin looking for a Texas injury attorney. Nor does everyone know what to do when they find themselves in that situation.   If you want to make sure you cover all bases for all situations, then you need to begin looking for a Texas injury attorney after a car accident. Find out why...

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