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Car Wreck

Our lawyers can help you get compensation for your injuries quickly.
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Our Granbury Law Firm Will Help You Recover What You Have Lost in a Car Wreck

You know the car crash that left you seriously injured was not your fault, but you are reluctant to call an attorney for help. You have tried to work with the insurance adjuster for the driver who caused the wreck, but you don’t think what he is offering you is fair as it will barely cover your medical costs, much less make up for everything else you have lost. Granbury Personal Injury Lawyer Brett Cain understands your hesitation. After all, you haven’t done anything wrong, so why would you need an attorney? After years of experience working with car wreck victims, we can tell you that an attorney can make the difference between walking away with very little to show for your losses and receiving a settlement that will help make your life whole again. When you hire the Cain Firm, we immediately put your mind at ease and get to work on your case.

What to Expect When You Call Any of Our Offices

At the Cain Law Firm, we practice personal injury law—and take car crash cases in particular—because we are devoted to helping those who find themselves in situations where they cannot help themselves. We have the insurance adjuster’s playbook and we will use that to our clients’ advantage. When you call us, you will find right away that we are down-to-earth and easy to talk to. Once we meet with you and agree to take your case, you can expect the following to happen:

We will listen to your story. We want to hear your story—not just what happened in your car crash, but what you have lost, who else has been affected, and what you need for a full recovery. Our clients are ordinary people—parents, teachers, police officers, ranchers, and preachers—who have been mistreated by rude insurance adjusters. We listen and make a plan to move forward.

We gather records. To move forward with your case, we will gather important records to back up your story. We will get copies of the police report from the scene of the accident, the driving record of the at-fault driver, statements from witnesses at the scene, and more.

We will get the insurance company off your back. As soon as you decide to hire us, we will send a letter of representation to the insurance adjuster to let them know that you now have a lawyer and that we will be working on your behalf for a fair settlement.

We will make a demand. Once we have fully assessed what your financial needs are and will be in the future, we will make a demand. It will be up to you as our client to accept or reject the insurer’s offer. If you are not satisfied with it, we will take your case to trial.

Our number one priority in the first days and weeks after your accident is to see to it that you get the medical care you need. That is why we take care of everything to do with your claim against the at-fault driver. As you recover and take care of your family, we take on the insurance company to make sure you will have what you need to put this terrible event in the past.

What Your Settlement May Include

You may be only thinking of your medical bills and replacing your totaled car at this point, but we understand that your losses may be much greater than that. That is why we will seek a fair and just recovery for you, including:

Medical expenses. Medical damages include all costs associated with the injuries sustained in your accident, including emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation, physical or psychological therapy, and on-going or long-term care.

Lost income. If you were off work for an extended period of time because of your physical or emotional injuries, you may be entitled to payment of the income you lost during this time.

Pain and suffering. While it's not always easy to place a value on the physical pain and emotional suffering you have experienced—they are compensable and our team will do their best to negotiate a fair amount.

Out-of-pocket costs. Any costs you have paid out of pocket for property damage, transportation, and any other accident expenses may also be recoverable.

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