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Personal Injury

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Our Granbury Law Firm Will Help You Recover What You Have Lost after Your Personal Injury

Being properly compensated for a personal injury can be a difficult legal task for any accident victim. Not only are injury claims often strongly defended, but there can also be complicated circumstances and competing versions of what actually transpired causing the injuries. Fault and negligence are central to all injury claims in Texas, and they are always the primary components when establishing a level of responsibility for any party involved in a case. There can also be multiple parties in certain cases, all of which will have their own legal team representing their interests. This means that anyone who is likewise involved will need a legal team too, such as the personal injury professionals from the Cain Firm in Granbury, when seeking full compensation for a personal injury.

Types of Cases

While most personal injury claims stem from auto accidents, that is not always the case. Premises liability claims are also very common when individuals are injured at local facilities or businesses. Premises liability claims can also be filed against private property owners as well under certain circumstances. Private property claims usually require that the plaintiff has the legal authority to occupy the location, while public businesses and facilities are typically open to all occupants. However, this does not mean public businesses will not evaluate any personal injury claim diligently looking for a technicality that could relieve them from responsibility and financial recovery. This even occurs when the claim is obviously valid.

In addition, personal injuries that occur at work could result in compensation claims as well when the employer has operated in a negligent or illegal fashion leading to the work injury. Workers compensation does not necessarily cover all workers, and there could be grounds for additional claims in gross negligence situations. Residents of Texas should remember that it is a fault state, which means the injured party can have their claim value discounted to the extent of their personal involvement through a comparative negligence defense. This is also when it is vital to have an experienced professional negotiator representing your case, and is the area of a claim where your personal injury lawyer works the hardest in arriving at a settlement for potentially whole compensation.

Once you have been to our office and we have accepted to take on your case, you can expect the following:

We will listen to your story. We want to hear your story—not just what happened in your accident, but what you have lost, who else has been affected, and what you need for a full recovery. Our clients are ordinary people—parents, teachers, police officers, ranchers, and preachers—who have been mistreated by rude insurance adjusters. We listen and make a plan to move forward.

We gather records. To move forward with your case, we will gather important records to back up your story. We will get copies of things such as any police reports from the scene of the accident where your injury occured and more.

We will get the insurance company off your back. As soon as you decide to hire us, we will send a letter of representation to the insurance adjuster to let them know that you now have a lawyer and that we will be working on your behalf for a fair settlement.

We will make a demand. Once we have fully assessed what your financial needs are and will be in the future, we will make a demand. It will be up to you as our client to accept or reject the offer. If you are not satisfied with it, we will take your case to trial.

Proving a Personal Injury Case

It is the responsibility of the injured party in a personal injury claim to prove the stated injury was due to the negligence of the opposing party. Documented proof must be presented that there is a correlation between the accident and the injury, whether direct or indirect. In addition, the injury must be due to (at least in part) the defendant’s failure to provide a reasonable duty of care that was owed to the plaintiff. This is how your personal injury attorney from Cain Firm will establish the merits of your injury case. They will also assemble all documented medical evidence and property damage records to be presented for compensation. While discussion of the claimant’s contribution to causing the accident can be included in the initial hearing, final determination will come only if the case goes to a trial instead of being settled out of court. Proof of an injury claim validity is established when a reasonable duty of care is proven.

Potential Damages

An injured claimant can file for compensation for any provable damages resulting from any incident. Recovery for medical bills, property damage, and lost wages when it applies are usually the primary special damages. General damages for pain-and-suffering can also be a major component of any claim settlement, which is a legal task that requires significant experience and negotiating skills when dealing with the responsible party or their insurance provider. Long-term damage resulting from an accident injury is usually the central issue, which is exactly where your attorney will focus when it is time to finalize the claim. Cases can be taken to a full trial by either party, and it always takes solid representation from a personal injury lawyer when presenting a case to a jury. Punitive damages could be available for the injured claimant in certain egregious cases of gross negligence when demonstrated in a trial by an experienced attorney, while defendants often take a case to trial attempting to increase the contribution to injury causation by the claimant.

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It is never a good decision to attempt handling a personal injury claim without legal advice and representation. Cases can be complicated and technicalities can be successful defenses, meaning you also need a trained legal professional handling your case who knows what to expect from the opponents and how to build an effective case for maximum financial compensation. The attorney you call makes a difference. Choose Brett Cain as your specialized personal injury attorney. Always call the Cain Firm for personal injury claims in Granbury, Texas.

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